Brief Overview of Erectile Dysfunction and Modern Methods of Its Treatment

A real masculinity has traditionally been associated with physical strength, firm muscles, brutal appearance and unquenchable sexual power. Of course, a natural desire of any healthy man is to look and be masculine. Nowadays men can build-up muscles, create a physically attractive body with the help of special exercises and balanced nutrition, and even change an appearance. The only thing they can’t control is their sex power or potency.

Today health specialists try to avoid the word “impotence”, trying to replace it with a less offensive term “erectile dysfunction”. But it doesn’t really change the essence of the disorder. In modern medicine ED is described as repeated inability of reaching or/and maintaining erection required for a normal sexual intercourse execution. However, a single failure, and even two or three failures in a row do not always mean erectile dysfunction. ED as a medical condition has a set of clear signs.

Erectile Dysfunction


A man is likely to have ED if he has at least one (or more than one) of the following symptoms.

  • Over 30 percent (one in three) of sexual acts end in failure, regardless of a man’s physical state, intensity of sexual stimulation, time of day, degree of sexual desire and other variables.
  • Physiological erection occurring at night or in the morning disappeared or became weaker.
  • Sometimes erection suddenly disappears right in the process of sexual intercourse.
  • You have normal libido and easily get aroused, but erection isn’t reached.

Keep in mind though, that loss of sex drive as well as inability of getting aroused sexually has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. These symptoms relate to other disorders.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

Not so long ago impotence was considered ageing and senior men’s domain. Logically enough when a man is getting older, all functions in his body slow down a little. And erectile function is no exception. However, latest research has proved that ED is caused by a variety of reasons at any age. The most frequently occurred ED causes apart from biological ageing of the body are the following.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle. This is a comprehensive concept including many components. Lack of motion, sedentary work in stuffy offices, bad habits and addictions, incorrect nutrition – you’ll probably agree that most of these behaviour patterns are typical for modern men.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. They are numerous, but irrespective of the specific type of a disease, if the circulation of blood is disturbed, it reflects on the quality of erection.
  • Testosterone level. Reduced testosterone usually causes problems not only with erection, but with libido also.
  • Chronic diseases of important inner organs – liver and kidneys.
  • Some sexually transmitted diseases (ED can be a complication of some infections).
  • Disorders of the genitourinary system including prostatitis.
  • Psychological factors: hidden depressions, burnout, frustrations, negative sexual experience and other stresses.
  • Ecology.

As you see, the list of possible reasons of the disorder is extensive, and it is not limited by the above-mentioned factors. So, nowadays nobody can be completely safeguarded from impotence development. Fortunately, medical science today offers effective methods of treatment of this annoying disease.

Happy sexual life

Treatment of erectyle dysfunction

The simplest and the most progressive method is treatment of ED with oral medications known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Full Article about PDE5i read at awc canadian pharmacy – most effective Drugs for ED treatment. This category includes such well-known pills as viagra, cialis and levitra, as well their generics, for example, kamagra. All of them have very similar mechanism of action. They restore erectile function through improving circulation in the pelvis organs. The main advantages of these medications include natural effect, high efficiency, safety and reliability.

Though all the drugs work in the same way, they slightly differ from each other, as it is seen in the table below:

Viagra Cialis Levitra Kamagra
The active ingredient Sildenafil Tadalafil Vardenafil Sildenafil
How quickly it works 40-60 minutes after taking 15-20 minutes after taking 45-60 minutes after taking 60 minutes after taking
The effect lasts 4-6 hours Up to 36 hours Up to 12 hours 6-8 hours
Compatibility with alcohol and meals Non-compatible Compatible with small doses of alcohol & food Compatible Compatible with small doses of alcohol & food
The main feature The first and the most famous ED drug in the world Long-lasting effect Compatibility of alcohol Low price combined with high effectiveness

Also, you can compare PDE5-inhibitors

How the drugs are taken?

Though PDE-5 inhibitors are considered rather safe, they should not be referred to as harmless vitamins. They are serious medication having a certain impact on the heart and cardiovascular system. In the US and most European countries these tabs relate to RX drugs.

In some Asian countries they are available over the counter.

To reach the best results one should take PDE-5 inhibitors pills with a strict accordance with the instruction and taking into account the basic rules.

  • Only one pill per day is allowed. Even if you haven’t received the required effect, don’t take another pill this day. Don’t mix two different medications to enhance the effect.
  • For better results take it before food with a glass of water.
  • The drugs are taken when needed only, right before the sexual intercourse. There’s no need in taking them every day. The only exception is Cialis daily, which is used for protracted treatment of BPH and ED.

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