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Low Libido

low libido

As men age, many suffer a decrease in sex drive – low libido. This isn’t as natural as you’d think; in a study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), men still on average feel as much sexual desire as they did in their middle age. There’s more at play here than simply getting older.So, find out why you’re just not up for it like you used to be. There are many factors that could be to blame, both physical and emotional. Most cases of low libido are mental rather than physical. Stress is the number one cause behind a low libido – while sex is a great way to get your mind off of things, you’ve got to be ready for it in the first place. Any other negative feelings, like guilt or depression, can also be at work.

Once you’ve exhausted all of those possibilities and you’ve determined that your dip in sexual desire aka low libido isn’t emotional, then it’s on to consider physical causes. A profound decrease in testosterone may be to blame.

As men age, they lose 10% of testosterone a decade. Many men lose more than this, resulting in a male form of menopause. Millions of men are going through this right now without even realizing it. They’re so convinced that they’re just experiencing growing older. But feeling tired and out of sorts is not necessarily a universal experience when you’re in your forties or fifties. There are men out there who are still in great shape through their golden years – then why should you twenty years younger feel like an old man?

There are so many other ways that your body is affected by a dip in testosterone, such as a decrease in bone density, an increase in body fat, and balding, but it’s really what it does to a man’s sexual health that he really starts to take notice. Depression is a symptom of andropause, and while this in itself affects your sexual desire, it also affects every aspect of your life.

low libido

There’s no need for you to live at half-mast. Life doesn’t stop when you’re 40, or 50, or 60. So get yourself in order and feel like you did in your thirties. You have the power to change your body around, by engaging in regular exercise and healthy eating. Men going through a mid-life crisis has become a cliché, but we’re hoping that you take your middle years as an opportunity to take care of yourself. Too many men let their health slide in their youth, relying on a good metabolism. Now it’s time to pay it back.

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